Horticulture – Chicken Farming & Farmers Training Center

Rwanda Best has three main activities namely Horticulture, Chicken Farming & a farmers training center (FTC). The activities extend on a surface of approximately six to seven hectares but we are still extending progressively. Additional land has been already negotiated, awaiting only the availability of the funds to conclude the deal.

Collaboration with the local farmers

In addition, Rwanda Best works in close cooperation with local associations of farmers, mainly located in the sectors of Bushoki and Tumba. These associations are targeted by Rwanda Best in particular as regards of training needs, of follow-up and technical aid of any kind. in 2009, Rwanda Best made available bean seeds of the type Rwaka 10 and Rwaka 16 as well as seedlings of grafted orange trees and potato seeds

Training of the population

The local population benefits from the assistance and the experience of our Agronomist and his Veterinary who are always available for any local visit and any kind of technical advices. Farmers are often engaged for practical sessions of plant health training.

Clever Farmer
Eco growing