• The Managing Director is the Rwanda Best owner with a MBA in Project Management is one of the largest poultry farmers in Rwanda for over 18 years. He is the founder and the Chairman of the Rwanda Poultry Industry Association and member of board of the Chamber of Farmers in the Private Sector Federation. He is consulting with many organizations such as RHIO, RPIA, SPARK, Agri-Profocus, etc… Many success stories can be found on Rwanda Best website: on the page “latest news” as well as many other relevant information. On top of his wide experience in training, he benefits with several trainings inside and outside the country in Agribusiness
  • The Operations Director with an overall responsibility of coordinator, supervisor, coaching and trainer, he has more than 10 years in modern practice farming. His wide chicken farming experience was empowered with some study tours and internship in Uganda, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, etc…
  • The Training Programs Officer with an overall responsibility of managing the Farmers Training Centre is highly experienced with a MBA in Microfinance and over 6 years’ experience in Farmers and Cooperatives training, coaching and mentoring.
  • The Training Centre Manager is a highly experienced Agronomist Engineer with a wide range of achievements over the past 6 years in Agriculture and training.
  • The Coordinator/Accountant is Highly experienced (over 9 years) in farm management using new technology such as QuickBooks, Sage software, Excel, Word, etc… for cost management, financial statements, salary management, E-reports using Dropbox, Google+, WhatsApp, etc…
  • A highly experienced Veteran coached and trained in chicken farming, pigs and cattle management
  • An Agronomist Highly experienced in Horticulture, seedling, crop management, crop protection, irrigation good practices, postharvest best methods, etc… He has benefit with a wide experience in coaching and training farmers proven by many achievements.
  • High experienced technicians in Chicken farming, Horticulture and Mushroom production. Their long experience acquired from a long practice on the ground makes them high level technicians in chicken farming, horticulture and mushroom.

IFDC Rwanda and SPARK Rwanda will assist Rwanda Best in providing the trainings and in-the-field follow-up to the trainings afterwards through the involvement of their extension officers.

Dutch organizations are also involved in the Agriculture trainings (in open field as well as in green house).

The Dutch consulting company DLV Plant has develop a curricula for the training center and train the Rwanda Best trainers, the extension officers of IFDC/SPARK (train-the-trainer approach) and the District / Sector’s Agriculture Officers (Vets and Agronomists).

Project details

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